Harvest and fermentation

We strongly believe that in order to obtain a great Pisco, the grapes must be cultivated, treated, and harvested with care to avoid mistakes in our meticulous process.

This is how the production of our Pisco begins its first stages in the field. After many months of pruning, fertilizing, and irrigating, only the finest Pisco grapes are selected by farming experts. They are transferred to a stemmer/crusher where the stems are removed and the grapes are crushed.

After crushing and de-stemming, we obtain 50% of fresh juice from the grapes and it is put into the fermentation vats, where alcoholic fermentation takes place. From this first batch, we obtain the first essences of our great Pisco. The other half is processed and transferred or "racked" into a different vessel to extract more juice for further fermentation. In some instances, the Pisco is aged in stainless steel tanks and in others it is put into oak barrels where it will continue its development until bottling. After barrel ageing and prior to bottling, the Pisco is fined and filtered to help stabilize and clarify it."

See: Distillation and Rest

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