De la Motta is a Peruvian distillery that was established in 2005. De la Motta has dedicated exclusively to producing Pisco, with the main objective to provide a new concept in quality, flavor, aroma, intensity and presentation; as well as elevating the standard and quality of the spirit of our heritage, Pisco.

We offer this traditional distilled spirit that not only meets, but exceeds, the highest standards of quality required. As a result, we also consider our consumer’s demands and expectations, which is fundamental to our creation of the highest quality and eco-friendly product available.

Established in Lunahuana, an oasis of excellence that cultivates some of the world’s finest Pisco grapes that when finally processed, will become our award-winning Quebranta, Uvina, Acholado and Italia piscos.

Additionally, we have the support of technological equipment that meets very strict competitive market requirements. We are always looking to offer and improve the high quality in our product.